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Lessons for Africa – and China – on how to avoid corrupt project brokers


33 days ago

Commentary piece by Bob Wekesa, published in Kenya’s Business Daily The continuing Nairobi-Mombasa standard gauge railway saga offers a deep learning curve for Kenya and China. Much as focus has been trained on the money, it is becoming obvious that the main problem arises from Kenyan rather than the Chinese end of the bargain. Anybody [...]

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China: colonist or comrade?


35 days ago

This article by Megan Ellis was published in iAfrica  on 15 Mar 2014 Sino-African relations have been brought back into the headlines, with bilateral trade between SA and China increasing by a third in 2013 and an education deal which could see Mandarin taught in local schools. However not everyone is celebrating China’s increasing ties [...]

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No need to fear Chinese media in Africa

Chinese media

41 days ago

Opinion piece by Wits Journalism Research Associate Bob Wekesa, published in Business Day ACROSS Africa, analysis of the implications of China’s relentless engagement continues to draw unprecedented attention. Browse some of Africa’s notable news media and the sheer surfeit of news items discussing one or another aspect of Chinese activity is conspicuous. This focus on [...]

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Chinese Mall overhaul


48 days ago

With the mushrooming of Chinese retail nodes in Johannesburg competition has increased, causing a silent tension. How will these malls adapt their models in the current climate? An in-depth report by  Shandukani Mulaudzi, part of Wits Journalism’s Chinese Joburg research project. Gam Saan is the informal name the first Chinese immigrants used to refer to [...]

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Angola’s Chinese-built rail link and the scramble to access the region’s resources

Chinese train driver

54 days ago

The Lobito Corridor between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo is a game-changer in the new scramble for Africa’s mineral riches. Namibian investigative journalist John Grobler travelled 8000 kilometres to find out who is building it and why. Swiss commodity giant Trafigura, partnering with the politically connected Angolan company Cochan Limited and the mysterious [...]

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Rwanda Boom Town: China’s weapons of mass construction in Kigali


60 days ago

Chinese investment in Africa has increased at an unprecedented level during the past two decades. Known as the ‘weapon of mass construction’, China’s footprint in Rwanda is no exception. Still recovering from the devastating 1994 genocide, the country urgently requires infrastructural investment to rebuild what was destroyed, and develop the future. The myth, however, looms [...]

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Spotlight on Zambezi’s ivory smuggling


67 days ago

Namibia has enjoyed a good reputation for its nature conservation, but there is evidence the illegal trade in wildlife products is taking off.  Chinese journalist and recent Oxpeckers fellow Hongxiang Huang travelled to the smuggling hotspot of  the Zambezi border region where five Southern African countries intersect to investigate the Chinese connection. In the remote Zambezi [...]

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Living Without a Visa in Guangzhou

Guangzhou immigration authorities

75 days ago

Thanks to China’s confused visa system, many African traders, in particular Nigerians, are turning from successful businesspeople to illegal immigrants overnight, writes Sam Piranty in an article first published in Think Africa Press Guangzhou, China: Over a cup of rather terrible coffee in a tiny McDonald’s above a marketplace in Guangzhou, George*, a young smartly [...]

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